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 This Is Ours: Guyana (TIO)

We need your help to give students in Guyana the opportunity of a life time
through This Is Ours: Guyana (TIO).

Please click here to make a generous tax deductible donation.

TIO is a unique experience that empowers students and gives voice to their
visions. In this hands-on series of workshops, students use digital photography,
illustration and storytelling to communicate personal knowledge of their
environment to other students.

The goal of TIO is to encourage and nurture students' interest in protecting the
environment. TIO has been delivered all over the world by e² education & environment, a collective of dedicated educators, communicators and technical minds based in New York. Please refer to the attached overview or for additional information about TIO.

Queen's College of Guyana Alumni Association (NY), Inc. is thrilled to be
accompanying e² education & environment to Guyana this coming March.

The team will work with two groups of students. The first group will include
students at Bina Hill Youth Learning Center, located in Annai, North Rupununi.
The visit to Bina Hill is a collaboration that includes North Rupununi District
Development Board
and Iwokrama International Center. The second group will
be the students of Queen's College in Georgetown.

At each school, the team will work over a five-day period with approximately 20
students between the ages of 13 and 20. At the end of their TIO experience,
students will not only develop life-long skills and bonds, but they also publish a
book that will be distributed globally to other students!

We need your help to take the program to both sites in Guyana. Your tax-
deductible investment in this initiative will yield a great return in the lives of
participating students and stimulate additional opportunities for Queen's College
and other Guyanese students.

Help us to connect the world one book at a time by supporting
This Is Ours: Guyana!,


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