The following are the criteria set by QCAA New York Chapter for the Annual Awarding of the Vernley Ward Prize.

  1. Student must have entered Queen's College in 1st Form.
  2. Student must have earned a distinction "A" in Chemistry at O Level or its equivalent.
  3. Student must have been successful in Chemistry at A Level or its equivalent.
  4. Student must be currently enrolled for post-secondary studies at UG.
  5. The recipient of the award must have earned the highest overall average in 6th Form Chemistry at Queen's College amongst the students who meet criteria 1 to 4.
  6. Funds will be paid directly to UG to aid tuition for student first year of attendance.
  7. Award will be a minimum of US $500.
  8. The decision of the Speech Day Prize Giving Team will be final.

The Prize Giving Team will be independently assessing all candidates to determine qualification for this award. However, students are encouraged to indicate their interest by printing and completing this form and submitting it to the Principal.