Report from the President
2002- 2003

Madam Vice-President, members of the Executive at the head table, members of the QCOSA New York Chapter, good afternoon.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure for me to serve as your President this past year.  Let me thank the respective members of the Executive for your support in allowing me to do what has given me great pleasure.  I wish to thank you the members as well for your contributions. I feel that I owe so much to Queen’s College that anything I can do to further the “Tradition of Excellence” established there is fulfilling.  Thank you all for this opportunity.


This past year, again we have been blessed with the Midas Touch in that we were successful in all of our efforts.  Our major fund-raising events enjoyed success.  Our treasurer will attest to this in his financial report, I am sure.

The Holiday Party held December 14th , 2002, at Nazareth High School was immensely successful both in terms of attendees and surplus.  A great time was enjoyed by all who attended. We look forward to this year’s event which will be held on December 13, 2003, again at Nazareth High School.

Our recently concluded Labor Day Weekend Jam on August 31st, 2003, co-hosted with BHS was also successful.  It is obvious that this event is growing faster than any of us ever imagined.  We have to secure a bigger, more suitable venue for future events.  We must begin our search immediately.  We do seem to have a very large number of patrons who wish to associate with us on Labor Day Sunday.

Our annual Easter Ball held on April 19th, 2003, while not rated as a major fund-raising effort did realize a surplus despite our inability to attract the guaranteed minimum of patrons.  All in attendance had a good time.  However, next year we need to do better and increase our numbers.

Our Family Fun Day held Sunday, July 27th , 2003, was our most successful to date in terms of members, families and friends who came out to associate with us at Baisley Park.  This too must continue, as it seems to be increasing in popularity.

Vernley Ward Memorial Bursary:

Our Association was able to honor Ms. Ahiliyia Permaul as the third recipient of the Vernley I. Ward Memorial Bursary.  Once again the Ward family has matched our contribution and this will be used to pay for Ahiliyia’s second year at UG.  We expect to hear from Georgetown very soon with the announcement of the fourth awardee who will receive the bursary at Speech Day.  We also wish to acknowledge the Ward Family for their continued support of this effort.

Contributions to QC:

This year, we agreed that our donations to QC would be in the form of Audio-Visual supplies, and through the sterling efforts of our Vice-President, Karen Wharton, we were able to provide Georgetown with some supplies.  This of course was coordinated with our honorary member out of Guyana, Mrs. Shirley Jackman.  My tremendous gratitude to you, Karen and to Shirley in her absence.

The Executive Committee met and had dinner with Mrs. Jackman  (our honorary member) and her husband, George while they were here in New York during the Christmas season.  They were most gracious.


Last June we were ably represented at the ICQC meeting held in Washington, DC.  This year, the meeting will be held in Florida next month.  This Chapter continues to show support for ICQC and its efforts.

Future Outlook:

The past two years serving as your president have been both taxing and rewarding and have weighed heavily in my decision not to seek nor accept a nomination for another term.  Rather I will devote my fullest energy in support of whoever is my successor.  I pledge to share the knowledge and experience I have gained while serving as Secretary and as President.  I will continue to work hard to ensure the continued success of our Association.

Once again, thank you all for the opportunity to serve as your president.  I hope that I have served you well.

Thank you.

Lawrence Boxhill
President, 2002-2003