Report from the President - 2001-2002

Fellow Alumni:

This past year has been another successful one for our Association. As we continue to look towards the future, we need to reflect on some issues of the past to ensure progress.

I must express my disappointment over two issues which if allowed to continue, could lead to problems in the future. I speak firstly about our inability to respect our time. At my election as President, I pledged that we would begin our meetings on time. I was not allowed this privilege as members never saw fit to be present at the scheduled time so that meetings could begin. This must change. Secondly, we elected a few new faces to our Executive, and these members pledged to work to support our Association. We never saw nor heard from them despite several efforts to contact them. This obvious lack of commitment at the executive level must also change.

I want to thank those members of the Executive who worked along with me. Our tenure began on September 9th, 2001, one week following the hugely successful BBQ hosted jointly with BHS Alumnae. We entertained in excess of 1500 supporters at this event and it yielded a substantial profit for both Associations. Thanks to all who contributed. Needless to say that two days later, the whole world and the way we exist would change. Thankfully, none of our members perished in the events of 9/11, although some had extremely close shaves. Although we were able to move on from those events, they will forever remain a significant part of our lives.

This past year, we were able to provide our Alma Mater with the following:

  • Two 12" hand-held globes to be used as teaching aids.
  • Two barrels of books to enhance the school library.
  • Six metal filing cabinets for storing important documents.

    We were also privileged to continue our perpetuating the name of Vernley I. Ward by presenting the second bursary in his name to Ms. Shauna Scotland at Speech Day 2001. Shauna was awarded a bursary of $1000 to pursue studies in Medicine at U.G. In addition, we were able to make a contribution to Ms. Zelda Luke, the recipient of the first award, through the kind contributions of the Ward Family. We thank them for their continued support of our efforts.

    We had planned a Holiday Party for Saturday January 19th,2002, but as fortune would have it, that was the one day this entire winter that there was any significant accumulation of snow. Needless to say that event was not successful. However, we were able to rebound with our Easter Formal Ball on March 30 at which Prof. Charles Denbow was the guest speaker. The event was held at Dante's Caterers and in excess of 180 guests were in attendance. Our Labor Day Sunday BBQ hosted with BHS was held September 1. We estimated about 800 guests in attendance despite the inclement weather. Again we were able to add a substantial amount of funds to our coffers. My sincere thanks to all who contributed to each of these efforts.

    Included in our activities this past year were three games / social evenings. Each was successful in its own right as we were able to attract new faces to each event. Several of these alumni have since become active members of the Association. Our Family Fun Day held on Sunday July 21, 2002 was well attended and all had an enjoyable time. There was quite a lot to eat and drink and members were more than willing to share. Thanks to all who attended and contributed to an exciting day.

    Looking forward, I have been encouraged to seek another term as your President. After careful consideration, I have decided that if the members so mandate then I will accept a nomination and would be willing to serve again in this capacity, if elected. I again wish to express my sincere gratitude to all members generally and specifically to the outgoing executive for your sterling contributions in making the past year another successful one.

    Lawrence Boxhill
    President, NY Chapter