Report from the President - 1997-1998

Fellow Alumni:

Once again as we review our activities for the past year, I feel proud of a number of achievements. This was a very interesting year for us and one that marked the emergence of a better-organized, more mature Association thanks in no small part-to the tireless work of our Secretary in particular.

This year saw the destruction of the heart and soul of Queen's College in a fire fuelled by the unbelievable act of a current student. We, like all the chapters of old QC students, were shocked by the event and put our heads together to see what we could do. The result was the establishment of the Phoenix Fire Fund - which our Treasurer will discuss in his report. The publishing of fire stories on our web page has been acclaimed by many - including those who are unconnected to school - as the best source of information and leads. Our chapter's promise to Queen's College has been that we will replace the Boards of Records that adorned the auditorium. We still await a response from the school.

We had no Christmas party this year. Instead, we held a "Pledge Night" to raise funds for the Phoenix Fund. This effort was very rewarding. We stepped outside of the box on a few occasions and organized highly successful functions. Firstly, we invaded Queen's - the borough - and reached out to our alumni living there with a great "after-lunch". Secondly, we joined with our old "sister school" - Bishop's for a very successful Labor Day Bar-B-Que. This event will, we hope, become a fixture on the Labor Day calendar of our members and friends.

This year, we were the chair for ICQC and relinquished this seat to the UK chapter at the annual meeting in September in London. This meeting was somewhat disappointing in that it appeared to be rushed and did not generate the type of debate that other meetings have done. This was London's first turn as host and because we know their reputation for organization and competence, we can only assume that this was an aberration. London is charged with revitalizing the functioning of ICQC which seems to have drifted a little this year with the probable dernise of the chapters in Washington DC and Jamaica. We are however happy to report that there seems to be the nucleus of an Easter Caribbean Chapter slowly growing.

We suffered a major loss this year when one of our founding members and a source of sanguine inputs returned to Guyana. Lawrence McGregor Stuart decided that he wanted to see the sun rise in our native land on a frequent basis and took an appointment with Guysuco. We shall miss him and wish him luck in this new/old job. The crowd at "Tripey" shall miss him as well and the place will never be the same again.

We look forward to another year of growth and maturity and for your continued involvement in the organization's activities.

Aubrey N. Smith