Report from the President -1996-1997

Fellow Alumni

Greetings as we close one more year of activities. This was a good year when a number of good things happened.

Firstly, our core group remained intact and kept the fires going.

Secondly, with the addition of a few "younger" souls, the committee outperformed expectations. Our secretary reinvented the meaning of efficiency and service. My compliments go out to Gordon Wilson.

We hosted our first International Reunion during, the Labour Day Weekend holiday, and this was a resounding success. We may have come up short financially, but a good time was had by all who attended. We had visitors from as far away as Kenya but regrettably, we seemed unable to raise more of our local comrades. The semiformal dinner and dance was successful, as was the barbecue the day after. Wynav's was packed to the rafters, and there was an overflow crowd on the streets. The people who made this event happen - Gordon Wilson, Karen Wharton, Alfred Granger, Gordon Williams, Godfrey Moore, Neil Jackman, Maxine Grant, to name a few - deserve our gratitude.

Our organization will always be grateful to the management and staff of Wynav's for once again allowing us the privilege of using their facilities on a regular basis for our meetings. But even more important was their transformation of the building and grounds for our use:

a) as our registration center for the reunion,
b) for the ICQC meeting, and
c) for the barbecue.

Each of these was successful and we cannot say enough "Thank You's.

Among the things we did do this year as planned were

New York is the chair for ICQC until the next meeting and we need to set an agenda to be an active chair. This will be the responsibility of the incoming committee, but I would like to be so rude as to suggest that among the targets should be the coordination of speech night activities. I, believe that we have the cornerstone of a system with our home page and need to build on this.

During this year we lost Dr. Cheddi Jagan - old student and President of Guyana and Leslie Val Smith - old student and supporter. They have both been called to higher service. Our condolences to their families.

Committee member Brian Austin returned to Guyana and founder member Laurence McGregor Stuart plans to do the same shortly. We will miss their contributions.