Welcome to Queen’s College of Guyana

WE ARE the Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Association (New York), Inc., a not-for-profit group exempt from federal taxes under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The Association exists to assist in the rehabilitation and revitalization of the Queen’s College of Guyana, and held its inaugural meeting at the Creole Market Place, 887 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, on August 21, 1991.
OUR MISSION, broadly, is: To further the interests of the Queen’s College of Guyana, with a view to ensuring its continued high level of contribution to education in Guyana



House Letter: A

House Name: Percival

Established: 1916/17 1916/17

Named For: Mr. W.E. Percival -Youngest appointed
Q.C. Principal(1877-1893)


House Letter: B

House Name: Raleigh

Established: 1916/17

Named For: Sir Walter Raleigh explorer of Guyana


House Letter: C

House Name:Austin

Established: 1920/21

Named For: The Most Rev. William Piercy Austin -Bishop of Guiana and Founder of Q.C.


House Letter:D

House Name: D'urban

Established: 1932/33

Named For: Gov. Sir Benjamin D'Urban-first Governor of british Guiana; in 1831-1833; Governor of Demerara(1824-31)


House Letter:E

House Name:Pilgrim

Established: 1945/46

Named For: Mr. E.O. Pilgrim - longest serving Q.C.master(1905-59)


House Letter:F

House Name: Weston

Established: 1945/46

Named For: Mr. F.T. Weston - Former Senior Master who died in service in World War II


House Letter: G

House Name:Moulder

Established: 1954/55

Named For: Mr. E.R.D. Moulder - First Old Boy and Guyana Scholar to become Principle(1920-28)


House Letter:H

House Name: Woolley

Established: 1954/55

Named For: Sir Charles C. Woolley - Governor overseeing and opening current school building


House Letter: K

House Name:Cunningham

Established: 1954/55

Named For: Admiral of the Fleet, Sir John Cunningham - Old Boy and First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval staff


House Letter:L

House Name: Nobbs

Established: 1954/55

Named For: Capital H. Nobbs - Longest serving Principal(1931-52)


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